5 things to know about preschoolers online

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Shared from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and NetSmartz:

1. Children are going online at younger and younger ages. This infographic from Common Sense Media shows a rise in young children's use of mobile devices, mostly to play games and use apps.

2. Not all parents give their young children access to the Internet. This mom wasn’t so thrilled that her toddler was playing with an iPad at preschool.

3. Internet time = screen time, which experts have long warned about for young children. Read this pediatrician's tips for parenting the touchscreen generation.

4. Many websites cater to preschoolers and focus on learning through play, including PBS Kids, Scholastic, and Sesame Street.

5. NetSmartzKids e-books can be a great way to give preschoolers a fun learning activity online.

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