Take the ACT

Submitted by APS_Counselor on Wed, 02/19/2014 - 13:17

Students in the 9th-12th grades are encouraged to take an ACT college entrance exam. There are two remaining tests available this academic school year. For the Saturday April 12th test students must register by March 7, 2014. The June 14 test must have registration in by May 9, 2014. There is a fee of $36.50 to take the test. Students should register at www.actstudent.org/start. Helpful resources can prepare students, download the free Preparing for the ACT practice booklet, and sign up for the ACT question of the day emails. Plus a free website, marchtosuccess.com is a great tool for students to complete practice tests. Parents may also be interested to know that twice per year you can purchase the ACT test answers, see ACT website for additional information. Going over the answers is great way to improve the scores on the next attempt. I will send out the new 2014-2015 testing dates as soon as they are released.

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