State Testing Schedule

Submitted by APS_Counselor on Fri, 04/17/2015 - 15:28

End Of Instruction (EOI) Schedule
Tue April 28 English 2 writing
Wed April 29 English 3 writing
Thur April 30 Geometry
Fri May 1 US History
Mon May 4 English 3 Mult choice
Tue May 5 Algebra 1
Wed May 6 Biology
Thur May 7 Algebra 2

Many of you know the common sense approaches to test taking to reduce anxiety and improve test performance. Remember, good night's sleep without techonolgy interruptions and to eat a healthy breakfast. Protein is proven to help the brain focus. All of the online tests our students will take will have scratch paper available. Many students benefit from a "brain dump". This is where they write memory aides or questions that are hard or skipped. We also teach the students that for multiple choice tests there are often 2 choices that are completly wrong, taking students to a more successful 50/50 choice.

The most important message for this blog is that students are NOT a test score! I am here to help and brainstorm on various strategies that might help a student stay calm during this very often stressful time of year.

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